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About us

Passer was created by Levana Nissim, the owner of Elinited Company. The Passer is meant to

answer a need. Many of the company owner's friends complained to her about the difficulty to

drain the water through the balcony, due to the new building standards that includes a sliding door

separating the living room and the balcony.

After planning, testing and thinking it out, Elinited Company created the Passer, the perfect

solution to the problem. The Passer is easy to handle, clean and store, and will become one of the

most important cleaning tools in your house. And as a bonus, when you buy Elinited's Passer, you

also support a business from the south! The Passer is manufactured in Kibbutz Ruhama, and buying

it is buying a 'Made in Israel' product.

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